13 Styling Tips that we learned from the Fashion Weeks


13 Styling Tips that we learned from the Fashion Weeks

Fashion Week is a year-round, dynamic platform that connects emerging talents in New York fashion, music, art and culture with visionary brand partners.

Colors are sometimes earthy, sometimes pastel or bold.

Sporty influences and ladylike silhouettes, minimalism and rich decorative additions are just a few of the features that stood out in big houses for the upcoming season. Below you can find many upcoming winter tips in order to be stylish everywhere all the day long.

Feel free to follow our fashion tips.

1. Style your days

We are in the fashion month. The Fashion Weeks succeed one another and of course we did not get enough to see the new proposals of the designers which will be worn next winter. Besides trends that slowly begin to distinguish, we can notice some styling tips used by the fashion designer to make their clothes more attractive.

Some of them which you should integrate into your everyday style in the coming Winter!

2. Adopt animal prints style

Could you imagine that the wild animal print can match with both sweet pastel?

And yet! Combine the most unexpectedly chic effect. It’s the time.

Gucci introduces a new modern style of animal prints in clothing and in fashion.

3. Combine metallic color fabrics

Combine metallic color fabric with a wool clothe as white as snow. It is the best way to make your presence more eccentric especially in the morning.

4. Wear comfortable sweaters

Wear over any dress, a cropped sweater in the same color. Think about how you will make yourself comfortable. This tip is especially if you have to go somewhere after the office.

5. Say yes to mixed prints

We continue to say yes to mixed prints. So try to combine patterns relative to each other in your winter and not only outfits. Full of strength and femininity, with strong sports vibes.

A palette of colors, including blue, red, green and purple cooperation for a colorful collection.

6. Wear a DIY choker

The easiest DIY accessory is a choker made of a single material: a black cord. Tie it carefully, it is combined with an open bodice preferably, and you’re ready.

7. Wear Winter prints

They are not any rules prohibiting prints on fashion clothes for any season. So, the floral prints can be worn comfortably in the winter.

8. See through socks

A pair of see through socks to the ankle, give completely different style to your amazing shoes.

9.Wear High Socks

Wear high socks, you will protect your feet from the cold, and even if you want to wear your lace up sandals in the winter.

10. Do not hesitate t0 wear transparent clothes

Change totally your favorite cocktail dress with a transparent top from above. It is like wearing a brand new outfit.

11.Time for sneakers, ladies

Feel free to combine your favorite sneakers even more romantic materials such as lace. It may sound a little strange but the result will be super stylish.

12. Combine coats with long scarfs

Add a dramatic touch with your coat and therefore throughout your outfit wear a very long scarf.

13. Make up is a must

Do NOT forget to wear your lipstick which will make you irresistible.

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