8 Beauty habits that causing wrinkles



8 Beauty habits that causing wrinkles

The most common fear of all women are wrinkles popping up when you least expect it. What our daily makeup habits are the causes?

Wrinkles are probably the biggest enemy of all women. Especially at the time when you face your first wrinkle.

Certainly is not something so terrible as you think. You should be familiar with the idea that after year it will be happen. It is Inevitable.

But the question is you can do or not something to delay the wrinkle appearance in your face.

What makeup habits cause wrinkles

Obviously you know that when you use make up and especially when you start from young age, you increase the premature wrinkles.

What you should watch out?

1 Smoking

Smoking is the main cause of the wrinkles creation. The daily movements of your lips outwards due to smoking, when performed at very regular intervals spoil skin. But the worst is that the smoke enters to your skin pores.

2 Your diet

If you want to keep your skin healthy and young, an old quote says that you are what you eat and it is definitely true.

Excessive consumption of sugar and high-glycemic foods not only affect the weight and your body, but could make you show and much more.

Through a process called deleterious glycosylation, sugar molecules joined to your skin proteins (including collagen), forcing them to become hard and unsuitable.

This results in losing your face elasticity and causing swelling and thin lines.

3 Alcohol

The worst with alcohol is that it dehydrates your skin. This means that your skin looks less plump and fresh in the morning after you drink alcohol.

Over time, however, your skin will lose its elasticity and wrinkles appear due to the lack of hydration.

4 The chewing gum

These gums produce a type wrinkle we see quite often at the bottom of the mouth. Moreover, they cause other problems in the mouth structure. At least this is an easy habit that you can leave in order to keep your skin without wrinkles.

5 Not removing makeup

When you sleep without removing your make-up, is essentially like asking wrinkles appear. The makeup and environmental pollutants that accumulate during the day will penetrate to your resources, disrupting collagen and elastin.

This can speed up the aging process and leave you with lines and wrinkles on the face.

Clean and moisturize your skin every night before bedtime is a necessity.

6 The stretching of the skin when the makeup

Most of us especially when we put mascara keep open his mouth and stretched above the eyebrows.

Which of course is wrong, and force the skin to the opposite of time for time.

7 Not wear suntan cream

The sunscreen is not only in order not to burn from the sun, but also hydrates and protects the skin from the breakdown of collagen.

8 Wrong sleeping position

If you sleep on your face and forcing it, sleep lines can be created by your pillow.

So it is better to sleep on a satin pillowcase that glides on your face, the other alternative is to sleep on your back.

So if you want to be young without wrinkles take care of your skin and do not neglect your skin necesities.

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