The angel’s story of Gisele Bündchen


The angel’s story of Gisele Bündchen

It was in July 1999 when a girl with long brown hair, fleshy pink lips, freckles and with an exuberant breasts hanging the stands under the imposing title of Vogue.

It was Gisele under the buzzword “if not in Vogue, not in fashion,”  not only was a 19 year old model from Brazil, but with her appearance of the area of catwalks and editorials marked the end of the heroin chic girls.

The story of Gisele Bündchen is known. Born in the city Tre de Mayo Brazil and raised in Orizontina. She has five smaller sisters including Patricia which are twins.

Unlike other colleagues, discovered in a farmer’s market to sell fruits, behind the counter fish and chips in a UK road, Giselle did not have to work for living.

Her father was a bank clerk and mother of a university professor and writer. Just at age 14 she went to a mall, sat in a MacDonald’s and just when bitting the Big Mac of a modeling scout saw her and immediately his eyes took the shape of the dollar.

Her first appearance officially was in 1995 when, despite her father’s reactions, took part in the contest Elite of The Year of Brazil and was second.

“If I became model would like to play professional volleyball or become a vet,” she said and thank God, Buddha, the Kali Goddess and Tutankhamun, who the right people at the right time the went to New York.

The director of American Vogue gave her a gift that will be remembered for the rest of her life, her first cover.

Followed the W, the Harper’s Bazaar, Elle the, the GQ, the Arena, the Esquire, the i-D and Face.

The famous photographer Mario Testino loves Gisele.

Claudia Schiffer says that the supermodel as it was formerly not exist anymore. Only the Gisele Bündchen longer deserve this title and New York magazine in December 2005 published a list of 123 reasons to love New York putting on Nos. 43″ Giselle stays here. ”

What she says about all of her success?

“I love too much my job. I’m a workaholic”. She is humble.

Humbly, however, is not the money to start, since according to Forbes is the most well paid model right now and the 16th richest woman in showbiz with a fortune of over $ 150 million.

But its worth it. In August 2007 leaked to the press the rumor that Brazilian goddess was negative to be paid in dollars, and that all contracts would close the pay will appeared with euro sign.

Numbers of Gisele

07/20/1980: the date of birth
1.80: height
91-60-89: the proportions
57: the pounds
35: the millions of dollars sent only in 2008
$ 230: it costs each pair of flip flops which designs
193: thousand dollars was sold at auction one black and white photo of naked

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