Models Stars is an international models agency

Our agency offers work for girls in Europe, Majorca and America. The girls must be 18-35 years old and have the desire to earn huge money and live a luxury life.

This job gives the opportunity to travel into the most beautiful places with fully paid accomodation. The purpose of our agency is to help you earn more easily and safely. You can earn 500€-1000€ per day and make your life better and with high quality.

Escorts Athens Greece

Prepaid tickets to come

For every 7 days you can earn 2.500€-3.000€

4-star paid residence

Friendly working enviroment

Professional collaboration

100% security

Escorts Majorca

The agency pays the ticket

The agency pays for the apartments in which you live

Incall services 200€

Outcall services 250€

Incall services

Pleasant Atmosphere

100% security

Escorts France

Incall services 220€

Outcall services 270€

Accommodation–ticket–work 50%-50%

100% security

Escorts Italy

Incall services 200€

Outcall services 250€

Accommodation–ticket–work 50%-50%

100% security

Escorts America

Incall services 300€

Outcall services 350€

Accommodation–ticket–work 50%-50%

100% security

Escorts Germany

Incall services 220€

Outcall services 270€

Tickets-accomodation-work 50%-50%

100% security

Escorts Turkey

Average price of appointments 140€-180€

Friendly working enviroment

Professional collaboration

100% security


The Models Management business and our five stars Models Agency

Models Stars Athens is a creative models management agency which provides only superior models services. You may become a member to our site, so to navigate in the rich content inside and to find a model for your special needs.

We offer a wide range of model management services, such as:

  • filming models
  • advertising spot models
  • fashion models
  • photomodels
  • adult models
  • porn movies models

We have a wide range of models portfolios, not only from Athens, but around the world who are represented from our models agency.

Change your life and earn huge money!

Do you want to make your life better? Contact us right now and enjoy a luxuy life!

Are you beautiful and young? See how you can start work with us!



You have to fill the form and send it to us. Do not forget to put your best photos.


You can ask us every detail about this work and we will be glad to answer you to any question.


We can set the time you can start the escort tour. We will discuss anything about the tickets and accommodations.


Arrive to Europe or America and this is the begin of a new luxury life in another country.


Arrive to your destination. You can take a taxi from airport to your hotel and we will explain you every detail.


There you can get rest for one day and the next day you can learn about your first meeting.


Every client will give you money before your meeting begins, and this is your earning.


You can refer us to your friend and start this job together in order to have a luxury life.

Why work with us?

1.You do not need to worry about anything because we are responsible for all details such as airplane tickets, accommodation and transportation. The only thing you have to do is to meet with the clients as all our escorts and have fun together.

2.We are especially careful in anything regarding your safety. We have specific and reliable customers so when you meet with them need not to worry but to feel safe and secureYou will only need to worry about is how you will spend the money you earn. 

3. Working with us you can earn 20.000€-40.000€ per month and buy anything you have been dreaming about before but you could not afford it.

4. You can work in our agency for as long as you want, for a limited time or even for long. 

5.If you work with us you will have the ability to save large sums of money and invest it either to study or for buying a car or a house. So, you will stop worrying for a long time not only for the money but also the costs.

Do you want to earn real modey?

Requirements for girls to work in our Escort Agency

You must be 18 to 35 years.

Your height must be from 160 to 185 centimeters.

Your weight must be from 45 to 65 kg.

You must have a huge desire to work and to earn from 15.000€ to 35.000€.

You have to be beautiful and attractive girl

You must have a professional portfolio.

Girls have to know English language.

If you have previous experience working in escorts agency is a key asset.

Girls have to listen and to adopt all the recommendations and advice concerning work from our agency.



Conditions of cooperation with our agency

Working with us you have the possibility to make your life better and it is likely to earn huge money per month. We care about you and guarantee 100% safety. If you don’t have a professional portfolio yet, we will recommend you professional photographers in order to take you fantastic pictures.

It is necessary throughout the period of work to refrain from taking any alcohol drinks and psychotropic drugs.
When your meeting begins, you should behave to the customer well.  It is not unusual to spend several hours with the clients. If you’re more friendly and attractive then you can spend more time with this client and thus earn more money.


Do you want to earn more money using your attractive appearance?

Do not hesitate, fill in the form and shortly we will contact with you!


“I started this job a year ago. Today, I earn too much money and Ι made my dreams a reality. Thanks to this job I made my life better and with better quality. I enjoy to do trips that otherwise couldn’t do and I’m very pleased with the cooperation with the escorts agency”

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